Windows on Washington Wedding of Allison & Alex

What a beautiful Windows on Washington Wedding of Allison and Alex!
Allison, bridesmaids, and both mother’s got ready at the Embassy Suites by Hilton St. Louis Downtown.  Ceremony was at St Catherine Laboure Church in St Louis, MO. The couple took advantage of the spring season and chose Forest Park for their portraits.  Flowering trees and pink tulips where present at the Art Museum and Boat House.  The last stop before Windows on Washington was the St Louis Downtown City Library. The Library offers as an amazing backdrop for portraits.
Allison and Alex showed the perfect example of how to but “us” into their reception.  I asked her to give me the description of her reception because she had so many personalized items.
“Our subtle but not so subtle chemistry theme was actually something we immediately knew we wanted. We met almost 5 years ago in our first semester of college at engineering school and started dating a few months later. We both ended up choosing to major in Chemical Engineering so we pretty much took all of our classes together through graduation 6 months ago. We’re both pretty nerdy and really embrace the cheesy chemistry jokes. 
At first, we wanted to keep the amount of chemistry in our reception pretty light with using Erlenmeyer flasks as vases for our centerpieces….But then we just couldn’t help ourselves. So, we added table numbers as chemical element symbols. And then I thought it would be super cute to have koozies made for our bridal party with “The Perfect Chemistry” written on it because it suits us so well…For our favors, we chose to have the chemical structure of oxytocin on there, which is one of the several love chemicals 🙂 We had one of our groomsmen design the cups for us since they were a little complicated with the huge molecule, but they turned out great!  
Alex also wants me to mention the beer pong table since he says it’s unique…We are barely out of college, so beer pong is a well-loved past time of ours of course 🙂  And we have won many games of beer pong together, so it’s kind of a prideful point for us. The other touch we feel is a little different is our cake topper. We are big Marvel movie fans. We always see each new movie the Thursday evening of the opening weekend. In fact, our top priority the week of our wedding was to see Avengers Infinity War the day before our rehearsal and we sure did. Sometimes we joke it was the highlight of that weekend. 😉 Anyway, for our cake topper, Alex is shown as Iron Man (his favorite) and I’m shown as StarLord (my favorite). And we definitely have it displayed on a shelf now…
I’m realizing how nerdy I sound… The funny thing is that our friends and family expected nothing less from us. We got lots of compliments on our wedding and reception, and most of those being how “us” our reception was. It was important for us to tie in something that has been a big part of our relationship so far. I’m just happy we could do it and have it be beautiful!”
Photo/Video:  A Sweet Focus
Venue: Windows On Washington
Florist Always In Bloom
Hair and Makeup: Looks by Lisa, Briana Heisse
Cake: Wedding Wonderland Cake Shop
DJ: Elite Pro DJ
Windows on Washington Wedding
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    June 20th, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    Beautiful photos!! I love the soft lighting in these pictures 🙂

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